Dad And His Baby Daughter Show How Skillfully They Can Dance

Published August 7, 2018 324 Plays $0.42 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesNo matter how disagreeing we may find the idea that dads are funnier than moms in their role of raising up their children, it as an undeniable statement. The more we argue about that, the more we come to a conclusion that dads are simply much more fun to be around. Why? Because of the fact that they don’t need to carry the whole house on their backs, they have less responsibilities at home and their approach to bringing up kids is not surrounded with the horrors mothers have in their heads when they are around a child: Is it hungry? Is it cold? Why did it sneeze like that? Why is it not smiling? Is it more tearful than usual? And the list goes on and on… Well, dads are not bothered with all these nonsensical questions partly because it is not in their male nature and partly because they are have a lighter attitude to life. We can only say long live dads!

The video you are going to see above is a real proof that dads are cool. Why being bored at home with his own daughter, when this dad can do everything in his power to spice things up more than usual. Age doesn’t matter in these circumstances - neither of the child, nor of the father. The only requirement is creativity, music and somebody to record all of that. It would be just incredible when your grown-up child sees how his or her dad gave a comic touch to the process of upbringing.

"My daughter and I love to dance and bond with each other." - the dad says. Of course they do, who doesn’t when they find themselves home alone with nothing else left to do. Just hit the play button, volume up and make your own choreography. Theirs is perfect, dancing with every part of the body, being actively involved in the music and as a cool addition to the scenery sunglasses are a must - they are a part of the show and it’s not only a one-man-show, it’s a father-daughter show, the coolest online. His daughter enjoys the sound of music and not even once does she protest about being the star to this incredible dance. After all, she is her daddy’s girl, what can be more precious than that?
Just look at the cutie pie and take a step or two to join these two crazy souls doing the best they can. Oh those tiny arms and those chubby legs, it makes us jump in the video and dance the life away with these adorable couple.

The rules and regulations that mum set in place are thrown out the window, as dad jumps in the picture of spending alone time with hsi kiddo. As the video shows, there is absolutely no forward thinking when it comes to dad's actions. Dad's in charge? You better batten down the hatches. Sorry moms, but don’t roll your eyes at having to play bad cop while dads enjoy all the fun.