Jersey Woman Shares Her Pay It Forward Resolution And Helps Man Pay For His Food

TipHeroPublished: August 7, 2018
Published: August 7, 2018

Random acts of kindness are mindful of attempts to beautify somebody else’s day by doing something nice, good and showing your concern. Kindness is a way to show others that they can count on you and that even when the world around has turned a deaf ear you are willing to stand in defense of good.

A chance encounter at a South Jersey Wawa.
A man who just wanted some snacks but didn’t have the cash.
A woman who just wanted to pay it forward and help and now has the story that she will be telling for the rest of her life.
Let’s be honest. Who hasn't run out of cash during the weekend’s Wawa run every once in a while in their lifetime? Well, it even happens to celebrities and for one Jersey woman a good deed paid off in a bid way.
Ruth Reed’s phone is blowing up ever since her chance encounter with country star Keith Urban.
Ruth, the retired school teacher is an absolute angel. Three years ago she made a resolution – every week she treats a stranger by paying heir bill at the local Wawa. On Friday, a customer in front of her did not have enough to pay his bill so she stepped in.

“There was this man and he did not look like he had a lot of money to me, to be honest,” Ruth recalls her first impression of the stranger in need.
That man was actually one of country music's biggest stars. Keith Urban was on his way to play a sold-out show.

“On the way out he asked me my name and I said that it was Ruth and he said he was Keith and I said that he really reminded me of Keith Urban. Then he said he was Keith Urban and I argued that he was not.”

Keith Urban’s Bodyguard had to confirm that he really was who he claimed to be. Now she is hoping others will pay it forward.
“I have kept this resolution for three years because it just makes me feel better, and hopefully, I will make other people feel better, at least for 30 seconds.”
This whole encounter got Ruth back to country music. She even bought tickets for a country music concert next week.

Acts of kindness might be random but they surely are not isolated. Take a look at this video where a grocery store worker is letting autistic teen help him stack shelves.

A grocery worker in Baton Rouge has been praised in a viral Facebook post for his kindness and patience after taking time to let a teenager with autism help him with his work.

Sid Edwards captured the video of his son Jack Ryan Edwards, stacking shelves with the help of a store worker from Rouses Markets in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 29. Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi wrote on Facebook that her brother, Jack, became interested in stacking shelves and the pair worked together for over 30 minutes.

“I’m watching a miracle in action,” Edwards’ father is heard saying in this video clip. Edwards Alwosaibi said the store worker she named as Jordan was “patient, accepting, and selfless” adding, “he had no idea what he was doing that day would mean so much to us.” The Facebook post featuring the video has already been shared over 5,000 times on Facebook with many praising Jordan.

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