Hilarious Goat Knocks Down An Adorable Little Girl

AFVViralsPublished: August 7, 2018
Published: August 7, 2018

As a child, I absolutely loved going to the petting zoo. Even today, that's one of my favorite activities. And the adorable little girl in this video apparently loves going to the petting zoo as well. Her parents decided to surprise her with a fun day at the petting zoo, and the little girl was over the moon! As they arrived, she rushed to the goats, and it was obvious they were her favorite animals. The precious little girl took some hay, and she wanted to feed the adorable animals. First, she offered some food to one of the goats, but the goat did not seem interested. So, the girl proceeded on to the next one. However, the other goat did something hilarious. It swang its head and hit the girl, causing the little girl to fall down. Luckily, the little girl did not get hurt, so we're allowed to LOL!

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