Precious Little Girl Has Trouble Pronouncing "Diary"

AFVViralsPublished: August 7, 2018
Published: August 7, 2018

Drop whatever you are doing because you absolutely have to check out this hilarious video! Trust me, it will keep you laughing all day long. The adorable little girl in this video is visiting a toy store with her mother, and she has something to say about one particular toy. LOL! As the video starts, we hear the adorable little girl say how the toy looks like her diarrhea. And that was the moment when I had to stop and listen to it a little bit more carefully. LOL! And, I was not wrong. She repeats the same thing a couple more times, and it is beyond HILARIOUS! However, her mother solves the confusion at the end, when she says "Your diary?" LOL! Until that moment, I was beyond confused. But, it really is a sight for sore eyes. The adorable little girl is precious!

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