Ex-Trumpers Sound Off Against Pro-Trumpers And Guess Who's The Referee?

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Published: August 7, 2018

The panel ended up holding a conversation about illegal immigration and migrant parents who had their children taken away even though they tried crossing the border through the proper legal channels. This segued into a debate about whether Trump is responsible for the increasing levels of divisiveness around the country.

Eventually, regretful Trump voter Maryse Selit took things to the next level by saying people were “idiots” to vote for the president, including herself.

“My issue with this president, who I voted for, is the fact that he has something negative to say about every other leader, but you try saying one little comment that’s negative about Trump himself, he jumps into a fit and has a Twitter tirade. We have a lot of — I have to be crass about it — idiots who voted for him, including myself at one time.”

Schafer took umbrage with that, shooting back “I’m not an idiot!” Voting for Trump “was a wise decision,” he said.

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