Nothing is as Cute as a Newborn Horse who Wants to Cuddle

Published August 7, 2018 15,289 Views $5.92 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is Felix, a three week old foal who lives on a beautiful farm near Peterborough, Ontario. He spends his days playing and wandering in the meadows with his mother, Fling, an exceptionally well-dispositioned mare. Felix runs and plays with great enthusiasm. After running full speed and jumping all around, he's understandably tired.
Felix had been playing with his new buddy, Dave, on this particular sunny day. He chased Dave around and then Dave chased him. But when enough was enough, he flopped down on the ground at Dave's feet and rolled like a giant puppy who wanted a belly rub. How could anyone resist?!
Felix lay on some straw and demanded attention with his hooves, just like a dog will paw at it's owner for affection. He wiggled and pushed his way right up against Dave, who was only too happy to get down on the ground for a cuddle with the baby horse.
What's even more surprising than a baby horse who wants too cuddle is a patient and tolerant mother who will allow it.
Fling is an exceptional mare, and her dispposition is as gentle and as friendly as you can imagine. Horses are huge animals and they are naturally wary, even of humans. For Fling to graze contentedly nearby without objecting was truly remarkable. Even when Dave leaned right over Felix to rub his belly, Fling didn't bat an eye. She did keep a careful watch, never straying too far from Felix as he napped and cuddled. Mares will not venture far from their foal's side in the first few weeks when they are especially vulnerable to predators. Ever ready to defend her baby, Fling would be protective if the need arose.
But Felix was obviously enjoying the attention and Fling was obviously aware that her precious baby was in no danger.
Is there anything as cute as a cuddly newborn horse?