Hikers In Canada Encounter Large Grizzly Bear In Forest

5 years ago

Imagine how terrifying it must be to be on a hike and run into a dangerous animal. Whether it be a mountain lion, bear, snake, etc. This is what happened for these hikers in this video.

Walking on their trail and running into a big bear. Must be very scary!

Hiking accidents are very common whether it be run-ins with dangerous animals, not being careful along the trail, or venturing off the trail. It is always good to practice good hiking precautions while out in the wilderness because you never know what might happen or what you might run into.

These hikers must have been having a wonderful day. Spending time walking in the wilderness on a beautiful day enjoying nature when suddenly they run into a big bear along the trail. The hikers are Australian and they are on the trail in Alberta, Canada when they stumbled on a grizzly bear. It seems Grizzlies love being on the hiking trails just as much as people do! The video begins with the people, sounds like 2 different voices, are a good distance from the grizzly. They must have been walking along their trail and seen the grizzly from a distance or as they were walking, the grizzly stumbled on to the trail from the side trees. The man records their encounter with this big grizzly and hopefully, this video will teach other hikers how to properly deal with a grizzly.

The man always keeps his distance from the grizzly bear because you don’t want to get closer and startle it. This could cause the grizzly bear to attack and chase you. Hikers definitely do not want this, especially because grizzly bears can weigh more than 500 pounds and run up to 35 miles per hour. It is safe to say you are very outmatched dealing with a grizzly bear, so it is best not to upset them! It is also known that all though you may be frightened, the grizzly is most likely equally as frightened so best to avoid the bear and back away slowly, do not startle it and send it into a panic. The man in the video definitely has either been in contact with a bear so he has experience with what to do or researched before had so he could properly handle the situation. He calmly spoke to the grizzly and backed away slowly. He even let the bear know that he has some bear spray ready for him if he comes close to them, so best to stay back!

It is best to stay in a group as well, so you can appear larger to the bear and hopefully, it will keep away. These two people took necessary precautions when faced with a bear in the wilderness. This is a great video for all hikers and explorers. You never know when you can run into something dangerous and the man in this video’s actions could be great instructions for hikers. You can never be too prepared and too safe when out hiking in the wild!

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