Woman's feet squeak when she walks, how strange!

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: August 6, 2018Updated: August 8, 2018
Published: August 6, 2018Updated: August 8, 2018

Squeak ,squeak, squeak! Hearing this when you walk can mean a number of things. For some of us it appears to be our aging bones. For some it is just a squeaky noisy pair of sneakers. And for some such as Elsa in this video, it is that she has ventured to a very interesting beach on Australias south coast. Squeaky Beach is within Wilson Promontory Marine Park, approximately a 2.5 hour drive south of Melbourne, Australia. Visiting from Vancouver, Canada Elsa and her daughter Sarah have been residing in Melbourne with Elsa’s eldest daughter and her husband which are now residents of the area. Taking this three week vacation has been well earned after Elsa has spent 10 months dealing with the tough challenges of treatments for cancer. Aside from family time, Elsa and Sarah made this trek to this amazing beach and to take in all the beauty Australia has to offer. While heading down from the Squeaky Beach car park Elsa and Sarah made their way through coastal scrub, having to jump a little stream before reaching the beach. Taking in views out to distant islands and the granite-studded headlands, they both were in awe. Being a bit of the adventurous type Elsa loved the northern end of the beach, with its large granite boulders creating a maze of passages to explore. Marvelling at the brilliant orange rocks that contrasted perfectly with the clear blue ocean, Elsa and Sarah decided to return and visit at dusk to watch the changing hues at sunset as was suggested by another local visiting the same day. Walking around on the gorgeous sands the two were not finding the SQUEAKY sands that they expected. Was it the water they were also in? Or was it something else? After a few minutes they both discovered just the way to cause the sand to make this amazing sound. “Its all in the walk” Sarah stated. The rounded grains of quartz and how they contact each other under pressure is what makes the squeaking sound when walked on, giving this popular local beach its name. What an amazing place, Australia has many things that are not seen anywhere else on the planet. Enjoy the video and please share Elsa and Sarah’s experience!

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