Tiffany Trump at Mykonos - Greece

NewsbombPublished: August 6, 2018Updated: August 7, 2018
Published: August 6, 2018Updated: August 7, 2018

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is considered as one of the safest destinations in the world and this is what the U.S. President’s family thinks too.

That’s why Donald Trump’s beloved daughter, Tiffany, accepted the invitation sent by Mykonos’s mayor, Konstantinos Koukas, during his last visit at the White House for the Celebration of the Greek Independence Day.

According to safe reports, Tiffany Trump was excited about her visit at Mykonos and declared herself impressed, not only by the myconian landscape, but also by the incomparable hospitality and the island’s nightlife.

These reports are fully confirmed by the post Tiffany made in her Instagram account, where she wrote: “take me back» ”.

During her stay at the island, safety measures were tight, as a whole lot of organizations, such as the Greek Police, the U.S. Embassy in Greece, the Greek Coastal Guard, as well as the Municipality of Mykonos were needed to cooperate harmonically and efficiently among each other.

As for Tiffany Trump’s tour in Mykonos, Mayor Konstantinos Koukas was the one who escorted her during her visit and also gifted her with a mosaic describing one of the famous lions of Delos.

Tiffany showed great interest in the tragedy that befell citizens of Eastern Attica, due to the catastrophic wildfires, as well as for all the details concerning the History of both Mykonos and Delos.

As for Mayor Koukas, he sent a formal invitation to the Trump family to visit Mykonos next summer.

In his opinion, Trump’s potential visit at the Greek island – the first for a U.S. President after many decades – would be an important confirmation for the specific island, as the biggest touristic destination in the whole wide world.

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