CNN Hosts Stelter And Lemon Get Threatening Call On CSPAN

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Published: August 5, 2018

“Brian Stelter and Don Lemon called all Trump supporters racist, they don’t even know us,” the man from Pennsylvania said in a call Friday “They started the war. If I see them, I’m going to shoot them.”

Stelter shared the audio of the phone call on his show Sunday morning and claimed that he and Lemon had never called Trump-supporters racist.

However, the CNN host did say that on Thursday night Fox News’ Sean Hannity played a two-year-old clip of Stelter questioning if racial anxiety could be the cause of Trump’s success in politics.

“I don’t know if the C-SPAN caller watched Hannity,” Stelter said, making it clear that he was not blaming anyone for the man’s comments. “I’m not blaming Hannity. I just thought the timing was odd.”

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