Sneaky Mini Pig Steals Little Boy's Candy

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Published: August 5, 2018Updated: August 6, 2018

This comical video begins with a little boy playing with his pet mini-pig in the kitchen. He has a big plastic bag filled with suckers. You can hear the grandmother say "What's happening?" She is clearly concerned that the pig has ingested the candy with the wrapper and stick included. She decides to use this situation as a teaching moment for both her grandchild and the pet pig. She tells the small child "Say no Bella!" She admonishes the mini-pig saying "Bella, you can't eat candy!" Then she asks the sneaky little pig "Did you eat an orange sucker?" She quickly removes the bag to let this little piggy know she has been a naughty girl.

The term mini-pig is a word that is technically inaccurate. A mini-pig is not an actual breed of pig. It is just a smaller breed of domestic pig. There are many terms for these animals that you will see on the internet. They are often referred to as micro-pigs and tea cup pigs. Technically, all newborn piglets could be called mini-pigs. They are often cute and pink and absolutely irresistible with their unsteady movements and cute little snorts. The trouble is, they don't stay that size for long. The truth of the matter is that these so-called "mini-pigs" can reach a size of 180 pounds and they can survive as long as 20 years if well cared for.

Most of you are familiar with the pot-bellied pig trend that started back in 1986. They were marketed as pigs that you could walk on a leash, share your bed with and even toilet train. Sellers of these pigs insisted that your pig would remain forever tiny and easy to care for. People were quick to latch on to this new fad and soon there were people adopting these pigs all over the U.S. and Canada. The sad part of this story is that people quickly discovered that they were not so easy to look after and as each day passed and their piglet increased in size, reality began to sink in for these pet owners. Sadly, many of these pigs ended up being euthanized or simply abandoned. Some of these pigs were lucky enough to be moved into sanctuaries.

Unscrupulous breeders have been known to underfeed and almost starve their pigs in order to maintain their small and appealing size. Inbreeding is also a common practice as well. Part of the problem is that the breeding of these pigs is not well-regulated. There are reputable breeders, but you really need to do your own research. Education of the public is very important. Somebody considering purchasing a pet of this nature really needs to know what they are getting into. You need to understand the nature and biology of a pig and have the proper facilities to contain an animal like this. A purchase of a miniature pig should never be an impulse buy.

If you were to take on a pet of this nature, you should have the right environment so that as the animal grows and changes, you can accommodate it and keep it healthy. Clearly, the grandma in this video is monitoring her pet and making sure that her playful little piggy stays out of harm's way. If you enjoyed this video, kindly share this clip on social media with your friends.

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