Owner Finds His Willful Dog Stuck Inside Couch

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Published: August 4, 2018Updated: August 5, 2018

Living with a dog is the source of many great experiences, fun anecdotes, and usually a beautiful, long-lasting friendship. However, cohabitation means that conflicts and accidents happen from time to time. We may step on our dog's paw or pull on their tail accidentally, or scold them when they are not at fault. While by all logic we know that our dog loves us and doesn't mind much that we can get angry at them. Because dog’s love is irreplaceable.

We all know that dogs like the simple pleasures in life. All they need to be happy is a bowl of kibble, the walks down the street, those frequent trips to the dog park and of course, their favorite toys! Just like kids, dogs have their own favorite toys and they all differ. Some like a ball, other a good leather shoe. But if someone were to ask this pooch what his favorite toy was, you would be amazed at his response!

Pets, especially dogs, do not like to stay alone at home, so in the absence of the owners they find a way to occupy themselves and help the waiting time pass more quickly. It is nobody’s fault that the most interesting thing to do around the house when left without supervision is to do some demolishing. Do have any idea how exciting is ripping the owner’s sofa apart? If not, then feel free to watch Keira inside the couch. A real trouble maker! She causes his owner a pounding headache and she doesn’t have a clue about it.

Remember when you were a kid and you did whatever you weren’t allowed every time your parents left you alone in the house? This is basically the same thing, in a dog form. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owner leaves them home alone. Not this one. A video of the delightful doggy disobedience captures the entire scene of Keira, which isn't supposed to have a playful romp on the bed. So when Keira’s owner comes back home from work, he is shocked to be greeted by the sight of his dog totally submerged into the sofa. What happened? Nobody knows. Keira just wanted to have some fun.

Who wants to be home alone and be bored around the house? So, Keira has found the perfect way to show how troublesome she can be from time to time. And who said that sofas are only for sitting when you can rip them apart and swim inside them? Since Keira gets entangled in the couch and can’t find a way out, she will plead his master to let her free. We are not sure whether he will be happy with that, but he must come around. After all, Keira is his best friend and naughty or not he has to handle her mischievousness. "What is done is done and can’t be undone", they say. The only way out is through and let’s hope that Keira will safely get out of that couch and never ever think about demolishing things around the house again.

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