Stirewalt Tells Reporters Stay Away From Trump Rallies So He Can't Use Them As Props

WayneDupreeShow Published August 3, 2018 66 Plays $0.16 earned

Rumble Stirewalt, the #OneLuckyGuy on Outnumbered today, said right now the White House press briefings are “useless.” He said the briefings shouldn’t be televised because they’re becoming “showboat theater.”

And then he suggested a change to how Trump rallies are covered:

“We should stop having reporters at those Trump rallies. Everybody should stop having reporters penned up like veal in the back of those things for the President to use as a prop, and then some of the reporters exploit that for their own personal benefit. This is not helping anybody. Get out of the hall. Leave the cameras, get the reporters out of the hall. Quit letting him use you as a foil.”