Yawning Mini Pig Is Ready For Bedtime

Published August 3, 2018 103 Plays $0.17 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsTucked under a pile of blankets and getting ready for a nap, this cozy little pig is guaranteed to make any animal lover's heart melt with its adorable yawn. Although only seven seconds long, this simple video perfectly captures the little pig's sleepiness, coziness as well as overall cuteness as its owners film its preparation for a little nap. The cozy atmosphere may make the viewer sleepy too, but most importantly it illustrates the kind and loving nature of pigs which, to many people's surprise, makes them great and loving pets.

Despite not being as furry as kittens or as playful as puppies, pigs have proven to be highly intelligent making them lovable companions to those willing to embark on a journey of having a slightly larger and more unusual pet. Nonetheless, before adopting this smart and cuddly animal, potential owners will need to familiarize themselves with the nature of pigs' behavior as well as getting acquainted with their unique needs, their potentials and their limitations. They will also need to be willing to spend some time training it but also allowing the pig to get itself acquainted with its new surroundings. Unlike other types of pets who are perfectly content with exclusively indoor space, for pigs, however, open outdoor space is a must as it enables them the freedom to explore new territory while being surrounded by nature. Therefore, before making a cozy sleeping space for their little pig, owners will have to make sure that all requirements are met in order to create an ideal living situation for their lovely new pet. Only then will they be able to provide a great home for their pet pig and create mutual love and trust between them. Additionally, if adopted at a young age, pigs will have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with their owners and their new territory and will grow up happy, healthy and highly social which, in turn, will ensure many adorable moments such as the one captured in the video above.

Therefore, some changes may have to be made in the household but if comfortable with its surroundings, the pig will allow its owners or their children to play with it, pet it, cuddle it and even build adorable little pillow or blanket fortresses for it to slumber in. If shown love and patience, the pig will return it. If properly trained and cared for, the pig will eventually develop trust in its owners and get comfortable with its new home and its loving new family.

And lastly, if you do decide to add a little pig as an additional member to your family, or you already have one, film it, or photograph it as it may brighten somebody's day upon seeing it. For now, however, you may take seven seconds of your day and watch this short but sweet video of a tiny pig's big yawn and you might just wish for one of your own or you may feel a desire to take a cozy nap instead.