Miracle Cat Has Survived After Being Trapped In A Car Grill For Nine Days

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Published: August 3, 2018

Cats love to hide in the most ridiculous places, sometimes becoming a classic cliché like a cat stuck in a tree. Cats exploring places and getting stuck is rather common and normally doesn’t require a big rescue; however, for Sharon Stirling, her cat Jacob climbed into and become stuck in an unusual place. Jacob, a mixed outdoor cat, climbed into the grill of Sharon’s father’s Hyundai car and became stuck. Even after nine days without food or water and Sharon’s father driving the car around eighty miles, the cat still miraculously survived! The cat wasn’t harmed even though it went through a traumatic experience, only suffering a minor injuries, a bruised nose, a little dehydrated, and a kilo less in weight. What a miracle!

The short video shows Sharon’s reaction to the whole strange rescue, she says that the cat normally stays at home and doesn’t wander very much. Sharon was very worried about her beloved pet, and had posted fliers around the neighborhood asking about the lost cat. Neither she nor her father could imagine that the cat was trapped inside of the grill of his car. After finding the cat, Sharon’s father had already driven about forty miles away and needed to drive around forty miles back to a local car service station to get the cat removed from the car.

Cats have an amazing ability to survive, an old English proverb says that "A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays". Cats are known to roam around and catch mice in their younger years and then be more docile and loving family pets in their later years. This proverb led to the belief that cats can survive anything and with Jacob as an example this proverb may be true. Cats have an amazing ability to keep alive due to their great reflexes and in their abilities to be flexible. Cats have been known to survive falls off of skyscrapers and withstand earthquakes, in addition to their loving nature as family pets.

Even with the traumatic experience, Jacob the cats, looks safe and happy in Sharon’s arms after being trapped for so long. Jacob looks very calm and peaceful in Sharon’s arms even though he’s next to a car where he was trapped in for nine days and traveled almost eighty miles. Jacob looks happy to be home and Sharon said she was happy to have her cat back and safe at home. It’s a miracle that Jacob the cat wasn’t harmed and that he was able to be travel and be taken out of the car safely. Hopefully Jacob won’t wander too far from Sharon in the future.

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