Kitten rejected for allergy hair loss now lives happy life

Published August 2, 2018 4,566 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensLike the legend story of the ugly duckling, Sefid was rejected as a kitten but now, he has grown to be a super cute, adorable, lovely cat.

When Sefid and his sibling was up for sale at two months old, many showed interest in buying him. Then, he looked very cuddly and innocently cute. But with stroke of misfortune, he suffered an allergy that caused him to lose hair mostly on the parts of his head - around his nose; above his eyes; on his ears; in between his ears and on his nape. This had a big impact on his overall appearance. He was given medication for his cat allergy and it was gone but it left those patches of no hair area seemingly permanent.

His first buyer refused to get him when he saw how he looked like after the allergy. He was rejected.

This girl in the picture insisted to get him and gave the name Sefid. She also got Sefid's sibling who had also suffered from the same ordeal. Seen in this video are Sefid's pictures and video clips when he just arrived in his new home. He is very active and inquisitive. He loves discovering things.

As shown in the video, Sefid was treated with a plant extract that was taken from a forest. This plant was used by the girl's grandmother in treating scabies and wounds. Chemical analysis was also conducted on this plant extract as part of grandma's science project when she was still teaching Biology in a village high school Will the plant extract work? Certainly, it did!

It took only two applications for Sefid's hair to be back to normal. The first treatment was given to him after few days from the time he arrived at his new home and the next was two weeks thereafter. After the first application of the extract, Sefid's hair was observed to start growing in few days. Second application was necessary for his ears, the portion above his eyes and around his nose. Fortunately, his hair grew well in all the areas affected. The plant extract really works.

Now, look how gorgeous Sefid had grown! The supposedly first buyer who rejected Sefid must be shocked to see him now. Thanks to the girl who loved him unconditionally despite his hair loss. Today, Sefid is seven months old. Just like when he was an adorable kitten, the very first time he arrived at his new home, Sefid is very active, most of the time naughty but sweet, adventurous and obedient. Yes, he is a very obedient cat. He uses his litter box and makes no mess around the house, he does not break stuffs inside the house and he does not scratch sofas or other furniture.

Like the ugly duckling, prejudgments do not lead to a wise conclusions. Adding to this, judging fellow living organisms with factors that are just skin-deep usually leads to regret. Lastly, do not underestimate the power of plant extracts – some extracts are more potent than pharmaceutical products several folds.

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