Bison Charges At Man After Being Taunted In Yellowstone Park

Published August 2, 2018 27,236 Plays $26.16 earned

Rumble / Funny & Weird"My family and I were driving through Hayden Valley in Yellowstone looking at wildlife.and the scenery when we upon slowed traffic due to bison along the road. I videoed him from our vehicle as he was walking and making growling sounds. We noticed behind us a man in socks and no shoes walking up the road towards the bison. He gestured to the animal to get off the road and then proceeded to challenge him. The bison went after him a couple times and then carried on with what he was doing before he was bothered. The man did not appear to be injured and we are unsure of what happened to him after as we moved forward with traffic." - says one of the visitors in the park.

In the video, a man can be seen standing in the middle of the road and omitting the traffic alongside with a huge bison that is walking freely among the slowly moving cars. One of the people visiting the park has recorded everything on camera and we are flabbergasted by what we see. This man, who acts more without thinking than out of heroism is out of his vehicle waving his arms, talking to the bison and running back and forth. He is obviously on a some kind of a “mission” assigned by himself to fool around with this fierce animal. In fact, he challenges the bison to get back and have a little “fun” with the human. He succeeds in getting the bison’s attention as he starts gathering momentum and runs towards his “challenger”. Whatever the man’s job was with the bison, it will be resolved in the upcoming duel. Bison are apparently like bulls, they need a motion in order to act. The man willfully taunts the bison so that he snaps at him but messing out with these kinds of animals can end fatally. Luckily, this guy got away lightly with an unwanted injury.

He purposefully dares the bison to chase him away in this action-packed video and of course, the bison follows suit and accepts the dare snapping at him harshly. Here, we lose the man for a brief moment probably because those who were filming the video, couldn’t bear the sight as it was scary and uncertain. The animal briefly chases this person before walking away. Molesting a bison isn’t just disrespectful to wildlife, it’s also extremely dangerous. In this case, the bison ended up peacefully walking away, but not everyone who gets near one of the large animals is so lucky. These animals may appear tame but are wild, unpredictable, and dangerous, and no visitor should approach them for any reason.

However, warnings don’t work for everybody since there are people who wants to take a selfie with the animals. Warnings don’t stop everyone from approaching bison. Because if the pic is not on social media, it’s like it never happened, they say. To all of you watching the video, be smart, be respectful and don’t play with fire. It might get ugly.