Lady Returns Shopping Cart In Fierce Storm

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Published: August 2, 2018

Gloomy rainy days are perfect for spending the time at home, curling up in bed with some good book or a movie, or playing with your children and your pets. Maybe even cooking. Whatever you wish doing at home just not spending a minute outside. And we are talking about normal rain, rain that won’t stop you at your feet and cause fear and panic. However, after she did her shopping and unloaded the groceries in her car, one lady showed she is really conscientious, finishing her duty well and seriously during a horribly stormy weather- one that sends shivers down your spine.

She was caught on camera and this is what her filmer said: "A crazy freak storm blew in as this seventy year old lady put her groceries in her car and calmly put her buggy in the cart corral. This was ironically in Hurricane West Virginia. It was equivalent to a category one hurricane. She got soaked and earned my respect!" In spite of the grizzly weather, she set the example for doing the right thing but not at the right time. She could just simply get in the car, light the ignition key and drive away. Instead, her manners told her otherwise. Under those extreme circumstances, she returned the shopping cart where it belonged without freaking out or without a shred of panic on her face.

The sky rumbled, and heavy rain bounced off the pavement. The storm smothered all the light, greying the world around the woman. Drops of rain beat against her skin like hammers. But this lady wasn’t at all fazed by it. Her shoes were soggy with water, her clothes soaking wet and the storm had battered her hair. The rain poured down over the city with a roar. The quality of darkness shifted in the sky but the rain kept pouring. The harsh rain obliterated the crystal reflection of the sky and turned it into an disorientated chaos. It wasn't just rain, it was a downpour as heavy as we had never seen before. What do they say - walking through a waterfall couldn't get any wetter.

No matter how merciless was the pounding storm, she had the courage to return the cart to its corral. This video is probably for all the shoppers out there who leave their carts all over the parking lot. You could really learn a thing or two from this woman! Even though she was caught in the middle of a severe storm, that didn't stop her from returning her shopping cart to the designated area. Ironically as it might be, this video was taken in Hurricane, West Virginia. We just wished she'd closed her trunk first because she collected hundreds of gallons of water in her trunk.

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