A Little Girl Freaks Out Because She Thinks That A Convertible Car Will Eat Her

AFVViralsPublished: August 2, 2018
Published: August 2, 2018

Who doesn’t like convertible cars? Being able to put the top down and enjoy the ride is such a joy. To be honest, I dream about having one of those convertibles myself! Driving with the wind in your hair, nothing can beat that! However, not everyone actually loves convertibles. Let’s take the little girl from this video as an example! As the video begins, you can see a cute little girl enjoying herself in the backseat of a convertible car. All of a sudden, the top starts closing. Oh, no! The little girl freaks out immediately! She is so scared that she can’t contain herself! This funny little girl honestly thinks that the car is about to eat her! LOL! Quick, somebody, help her! Oh, you poor thing! Don’t worry, cars don’t eat little girls! How precious is she? Isn’t this the funniest reaction to a convertible car you have ever seen? Absolutely hilarious!

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