Near Crash too Close for Comfort - Scary!

Danno905Published: August 1, 2018Updated: August 3, 2018
Published: August 1, 2018Updated: August 3, 2018

Driving on a busy highway can be enough of a challenge with heavy traffic and people with zero patience. Add on people who are just not paying attention and our highway becomes a potential death trap and crashes are bound to happen.
Recently on a trip with my daughter on one of Ontarios busiest highways, we were faced with a first hand experience of a driver who was either not paying attention or for some reason thought that they were the only one on the highway that mattered. This one scared my daughter slightly and raised my temper as this idiot tried to push their way into a lane already occupied. One car was forced to make some evasive moves to prevent what would have definitely been a bad crash and from my vantage point was way too close for comfort. Kudos to the one driver and hopefully the other at the very least got a good scare, possibly soiled themselves, and started paying attention for the rest of their drive.
Be safe everyone...enjoy!

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