Hungry Bull Steals Cyclist's Sandwich Out Of His Hand

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Published: August 1, 2018Updated: August 3, 2018

Dave gets out on his bike when he can and he often stops for a snack or a drink at the side of the road. He has a few favorite places to rest, most of them near a meadow with horses or cows. He loves animals and he takes advantage of any chance he gets for a little visit. He has gotten to know a few of the local farmers and he always makes sure that they don't object to their animals being given a little treat, or to Dave having a close up visit.

This herd of cows lives on a farm along Dave's biking route and they belong to a man, also named Dave and his wife, Cathy. Their farm is a beautiful expanse of rolling pasture with a few ponds and a woodlot where the cows wander freely. Because the cows have become very used to human interaction and kindness from their people, they don't mind a visitor. Farmer Dave has no objection to a visit over the fence like this. Dave got to know the farmers recently when one of the cows, "Flo", had her calf right beside the fence and he slipped under it when he was born. Dave had stopped on his way past and was filming the cows in the pond. Flo cried and bellowed, pacing back and forth as if asking for help. Dave eventually realized she needed help and he pushed "Sparky" under the electric fence, despite the two of them getting a few little shocks. The video went viral on Rumble and the calf got his name as a result. This is how Dave met the farmers and now he stops to see how his little cow buddy is doing.

Dave loves his Gopro cameras as much as he loves his cycling and he records almost everything that involves animals. Dave even had a camera on his helmet which was also running during this encounter.

As Dave slipped past the fence and into the meadow, he left a camera at the fence to record the moment. What he expected was that Flo and Sparky would come up for a curious sniff as they sometimes do, and maybe even a little treat. Dave happily munched on his sandwich and shared some lettuce from his wife's garden with the cows.

What Dave did not realize was that there is a newcomer in the meadow. Gus, a 2,000lb fully intact bull, now resides in the meadow with the herd. Dave began to realize that things weren't going as expected when he noticed a big, black cow emerging from among the red and tan ones. He looked to his right and stopped mid-chew as he picked up on some things that very different. This "cow" was much larger than the others. His head was almost twice the size of the females' heads and his shoulders seemed impossibly large. He didn't have horns but the unmistakable genitalia beneath the beast left no doubt in Dave's mind that he was male.

Dave had never seen a bull this close before and he wasn't sure how to react. It was obvious that the bull was not charging and his approach seemed curious as opposed to angry or aggressive. A bull this size has no need to fear a cyclist or any other creature. He also has no reason to tolerate a stranger in his meadow paying attention to his women.

Dave decided to remain still and see what the bull had in mind. He was hoping that remaining motionless would cause the bull to walk past. Dave couldn't believe his eyes when the monstrous animal walked up nonchalantly and took the sandwich right out of his hand. He can be heard muttering "Whoa bull" nervously but it didn't stop the giant sandwich thief from helping himself. At that moment, Dave didn't want the sandwich as much as he wanted to leave, but he was frozen on the spot.

Surprisingly, the bull took the sandwich with all the gentleness of a well-trained pet dog. He sniffed curiously and then opened his enormous mouth. One slice of bread fell to the ground as the bull made the other one disappear. He sniffed at the slice on the ground and then it disappeared too. When your head is this big, a sandwich can fit in your mouth like it's a cracker.
The bull sniffed Dave for a few seconds and even sniffed the camera on his helmet. Dave didn't dare move as he felt the hot breath on his face, the bull's face only inches from his own. The animal stood patiently as if waiting for another sandwich to appear and then he calmly made his way back into the middle of the cows. Dave commented at that point that he had lost his appetite.

When the bull was looking the other way, Dave slipped back over the fence and out of the meadow. He later spoke to the farmers who told him that "Gus" is actually an exceptionally friendly bull and that Dave was never in any danger. Gus does like being hand fed and he especially likes bread. Since he was a very young bull, he had been given an occasional treat. He is also very comfortable with people and has never been aggressive.

Dave was even invited to visit Gus again if he likes.

Studies conducted by Cornell University actually show that cows and bulls have no trouble with a diet that includes bread, even in large quantities.

If Dave does visit Gus again, he will be sure to bring an extra sandwich for him. Or two.

Lucky for Dave, Gus is not a typical bull. An animal this large could easily kill a grown man and bulls can often be very unpredictable. Entering a meadow with a bull is never advisable.

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    • 1 rumble
      cdngreenwaterdiver · 19 weeks ago

      Unmistakable if theys a swingin, it's a bull hey. Great footage as always, wow the flies.

      • 1 rumble
        DavidMcNab · 19 weeks ago

        Thank you. Yes, it was obvious when I looked over that he wasn't a cow. It was a holy crap moment. I'm not sure it's a good idea to back with more sandwiches but I'm tempted. He's supposedly friendly enough to be trusted.

    • 2 rumbles
      Danno905 · 19 weeks ago

      Wow! I've never seen a video of yours where you have remained so 'inanimate'. That truly looked like one big scary surprise. Good thing you weren't wearing leather chaps!