Trooper Gives Solo Performance On His Last Day In Air Force

ViralHog Published August 1, 2018 1,554 Plays $1.83 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleCan you name something that always manages to wake you up in the morning? Can you name something that is always there at a flick of a button? Can you name something that can change a person's mood so instantly? No? Well we can... music. The variety of music in the universe is so diverse that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Music doesn't worry about leaving someone out. It has allowed there to be a song, a lyric, a melody for everyone to connect to. The topic of conversation, it can get even the timid involved. It is the tension disappeared from an awkward silence, the fun in a long car journey, the release from society, the saviour to an addiction, life. It’s seen it all before and it won't be long before it helps another person, in need of saving.

A video has emerged showing that music is all around us, even in the Air Force of the United States. This video has been recorded by the aircraft fuel systems maintainer and as we can see one of his troopers is not shy to show his talent of music. This is what the guys says: "I'm an aircraft fuel systems maintainer for the United States Air Force. I posted the video to share with the world what I immediately knew was amazing. One of my troops showed us his hidden talent on his last day in the Air Force. He is truly is talented". We can’t agree more that his fellow man is talented. There is no doubt in that, and he only has his guitar to prove that. He sings and plays something similar to the beat of hip hop soul and it sounds so serene. Neither once does he look at the camera because he is totally driven by the melody.

His music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand and the sound rushes around the room. His music is such that it elevates our spirit, moves us to dance whilst a slow one can relax the mood. It is like the heart of this trooper keeps time with the guitar and he loses himself in the performance. That is exactly what happens when you like something dearly and you do it with your whole heart and soul. Eventually, he loses all sense of everything except for the music.

Music could never be something superfluous, it is medicine delivered in the most divine way. The great thing about music is that it doesn’t save your life, but it gives you strength and will power to save your own life; that’s the beauty of music. Music is the rhythm of the soul and it is deeply rooted in the soul of this man.

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