Ambitious Pit Bull Puppy Unloads Mock-Ferocious Bark

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The concept of "the most ferocious dog" is rather blurry, as representatives of the vast majority of breeds will never attack first. But if this best friend of man is thoroughly provoked, then, of course, it will rush to attack. And here the question arises - which dog breed, being provoked, is capable of causing the greatest damage? The first thing that came to your mind, mental image and all, was the Pit Bull, wasn’t it?

We call misconception, and loud and clear at that. At the turn of the 20th century, Pit Bulls were considered the best family dogs bellowed for the way and intensity of showing affection and gentleness towards children. But in modern days the poor Pit Bull is faced with an increasingly bad PR spread by the media and the popular belief. They are considered monsters who are born and bred for the illegal “bull-baiting” ring. Some of these dogs were truly born and lived for the ring never seeing the light of day or normal dog fun and truth be spoken there have been incidents when they attacked children, people and everything that moves. Now Pit Bulls are regarded as the most mysterious pets - they are loved by the owners, but are feared by other people, and they also make a big sensation in the media.

Pit Bull usually does not refer to a specific breed of dogs. In fact, they make up a wide class of several different breeds of dogs. The most famous of them are the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. All these breeds have similar features to the structure, color, and temperament.

Many publicly exposed cases lead to the belief that most people breed pit bulls just to fight in the ring. Initially, Pit Bulls were bred for physical tasks, such as hunting, and sometimes fights. However, most modern owners breed dogs exclusively for family purposes. If you allow yourself to scratch deeper under the surface of the fear-based anti-pitbull culture and take up caring for this amazing breed, you will find your fears and doubts washed away in minutes. Yes, you will fall in love.

And why wouldn't you? These are muscle-popping dogs have an amazing love of people. It is unimaginable sometimes that a dog with such a bad reputation would be the same craves so much human attention. Despite their size, they sometimes think and behave like lapdogs. And they can be cute. Look at, for example, the tiny Pit Bull pup in the video at the top of the page. The beautiful pooch is resting on the sofa cushions. The lady owner places her hand in front of its muzzle and makes the barking gesture, known and performed by all puppy owners who want to tease their pet babies. Look at the sweet bark! The voice that is supposed to be scary and repealing is now so thin, funny and cute.

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