Dog Literally Sings And Dances To Alarm Clock Tune

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you have one of those alarm setting where the sounds gets progressively louder if you do not turn it off? There's no negotiating here, this doggy-alarm is getting you up and out of bed. Check out the singing and dancing spectacle this pup puts on when it hears the alarm clock. So funny!

Today is December 24 and Juanito, a 1-year-old Chihuahua, begins his daily routine upon awakening, which consists of his typical morning walk to the park, followed by a delicious breakfast. He is ready to begin his singing rehearsal, perfecting his barking, and this chihuahua is an integral artist and an excellent dancer on two legs. Juanito is not the typical dog, why? Simple, Juanito is a rising star in the world of dog stardom.

This day is very special, since the dark-skinned chihuahueño is ready to participate in the special Christmas song choir for dogs. In the living room of his house, next to the Christmas tree, it gives rise to his pre-heating. Once the alarm starts, the routine that will give life to its prompt presentation in the doggy coral will begin.

Forward, light, camera and action that Juanito turns on the show! Once the alarm is set, the star puppy is more than ready to begin the routine of singing and dancing, which by the way as a security measure places his super padded bed courtesy of his fans to avoid any type of fall or injury that may be caused in the trial of pirouettes.

The chihuahueño goes into action, every singer should know that before the performance, first exercise the vocal cords. Our little boy over time is tuning his howl in different musical notes, because, seeks to achieve the perrunistica perfection of his distant relatives, the wolves. Ah, all a clever rogue! Juanito is the definition that "it does not matter what size you have" while you have "lion's heart" you can reach the world of the big ones.

Wow! Juanito gets his first intonation followed by an excellent pirouette, but when he runs the second and third, he fails, but this does not stop him from trying to keep his choreography successful. His dream is to be the next "super singer of the dog-song coral", and then climb up to HOLLYWOOD, nevertheless he remains focused on the goal of recreating a perfect choreography where the song and dance are synchronized in a wonderful harmony.

Close your eyes, let yourself go, follow the rhythm that you have inside, and THAT’S IT! Shake your hips, one, two, three, four, five cartwheels. Wow! Juanito has a talent born in this to entertain the audience and is only rehearsing for the great act. Now the golden clasp, its melodious bark that without a doubt will break hearts this Christmas, its fans will be very proud of it, Juanito the bright chihuahua full of life, passionate about music, singing and of course wanting to move the paticas.

Well as you see it! That puppy that was once the smallest of the litter is now one of the most charismatic, jocular and soon to be the most sought-after star of the singing and acting choir of the entire hairy world. You can not miss his wonderful adventure accompanied by many singing barks and a rhythmic dance, worthy of a prize for the best animal show.

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    Adorable pup you are! We are so entertained with how you are reacting to the alarm clock. Subscribed and liked :)

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