Bright meteors in July 2018

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Rumble Video selection of three brightest meteors with a duration of observation of up to five seconds.
Some meteors fly quickly while burning in dense layers of the atmosphere, the stones split into fragments, from the Earth it looks like a faltering fire track with flares from the explosion of fragments of cosmic stones. Other stones have a different structure and are burned by an even, uninterrupted beach, for example they look like a huge plasma ball that flies half the horizon gently extinguishing in brightness. Meteors are quite difficult to record on the camera, since if the bosoms do not exceed the brightness of the full moon, ordinary cameras do not see them well. For example, this video uses high-light-sensitive analog cameras, they are cheap and at the same time they see better in the dark than a smartphone Samsung galaxy s9.

At first you will see 3 meteors in a row, the real speed of playback as they were in the sky. Then repeat multiple times without slowing down.