Lazy Monkey Refuses To Get Out Of Bed

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Published: July 31, 2018Updated: August 2, 2018

You have probably seen those spunky little monkeys called Capuchin. They have starred in innumerable TV shows, movies, and commercials. But there’s more to them than on-screen fame. They poke each other in the eye as a bonding gesture. They throw rocks at their monkey crushes. Some are kept home as pets and they create unbelievable bonds with other pets in the family. It is amazing how different types of pets get on well and their friendship lasts as long as they live.

Monkeys in general are creatures of many talents. Some know how to turn the car ignition key, some know how to make perfect somersaults and some know to juggle. Being a monkey means a short attention span - just like a little child, so monkeys always need a little kick to remind them that they need to be active. If you can call “sleeping the day away” a talent then we have the winner. He is called Davie and he is a Capuchin monkey. Davie is so spoiled that he doesn’t want to get out of bed for nothing in this world. He looks so exhausted so he usually loves to nap.

Davie is a funny ape - with his dark brown fur, he behaves like a baby. He surely doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, who turned on that bright light? If you could just please switch it off because this monkey only loves to sleep, sleep and sleep. Davie also likes sucking his thumb, and turning from one side to another. Of course, with so much light, it is a real wonder how he is still able to close his eyes. But what can he do when his favorite hobby is snoozing on the sofa without a pardon? And who said that sleeping is overrated? They were wrong. Just look at Davie- we kind of feel sorry for him for being woken up.

Davie doesn’t find the process of waking up exciting at all. He just looks at something undefined in the distance and he behaves like he is not listening to his owner at all. What is more, his most wanted toy is with him in bed, and that is a huge monkey, of course. It gives him support and it takes his anxiety away. Why not? Babies fall asleep with toys, what is Davie different than them? Getting up is out of question. His owner’s soft voice and her gentle touch won’t help either. Davie has switched on the “ignore” button and that’s it. Waking him up is an impossible mission that no one can accomplish, neither Tom Cruise.

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