Giraffes Stick Heads Inside Manor For Tasty Treats

5 years ago

Have you seen giraffes that poke their heads through the windows for breakfast and they reach to your balcony, too?. You might have already seen incredible photos like these ones on the social media. It’s the Giraffe Manor. Set in a 1930's manor house with gardens and a resident herd of endangered giraffes, with some rooms offering direct access to feeding the giraffes, the Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a place you need to add to your Bucket List ASAP! It’s a home to Rothschild Giraffes - they are not the same giraffes that you can see in your local zoo or a safari. They represent one of the four types of giraffes that can be easily differentiated by their white socks. These giraffe breeds are completely free to do whatever they want, whenever they want because the Manor isn’t a petting zoo.

The interesting thing is that the Rothschild Giraffes are used to human interactions, but sometimes they can become aggressive and that's why the staff will be with you the entire time and tell you some do’s and dont’s. Some of your new tall friends can headbutt and send you to the hospital if they like, so you will definitely need some guidance. Together with Nairobi Giraffe Center located next door, The Safari Collection’s job is to positively affect the community and wildlife. However, the most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is its herd of resident Rothschild’s giraffe. They may visit morning and evening, sometimes sticking their long necks through the windows in the hope of a treat, before retreating to their forest sanctuary.

Most of us have heard a lot about giraffes, and we have enjoyed watching their impressive size in zoos. We know that they have great height, are native to Africa and that its most iconic characteristic is its long neck that serves them to reach the top of the trees when looking for food. There is no way to mistake a giraffe for any other animal out there in the world.

The tall and lean body covered in spots is very unusual and an animal that most people enjoy seeing. In fact, they are one of the most visited animals at zoos around the world. Giraffes are very gentle animals, and they tend to do very well sharing with other plant eaters in the wild the same feeding grounds. When there is plenty of food up high in the trees, they will consume it first, so the others do not represent any competition for them.

Fortunately, some organizations are responsible for safeguarding the life of African giraffes. They struggle day and night to educate, plan, organize, delegate, act and report on the work they do. The most fascinating of these programs is that we can be part of them too, either by joining as volunteers or contributing by informing about the progress that these groups make so that more people are aware of the situation and adhere to the cause. Giraffes are elegant, beautiful, noble and attractive animals that deserve all our protection before is too late.

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