How to Make A Sensory Activity out of a Phone Charger Coil

Published July 31, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Recycle those broken phone chargers or buy a cheap one from a Dollar Store to make this great sensory stimulation fine-motor activity. Suitable for young children with or without disabilities or adults who enjoy repetitive hand tasks; this activity develops skills to:
1) Use hands together
2) Eye-Hand coordination
3) Manipulate screw covers
4) Color matching

In addition, this activity helps children discover which hand they prefer using. Notice which hand seems stronger or better coordinated while grasping the handle with one hand and pulling with the other and then reversing hands used. Ask your child or student which feels better.

Pulling the shapes on or off the coils requires force and force builds strength while stimulating the muscles and joints. Many of my clients find this calming. Give it a try!

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