Dogs Politely Take Turns Eating From Same Bowl

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAlthough there are a few moments of impatient growling, 2-year-old Yoll the Pomeranian politely shares his meal with Tang the 1-year-old poodle. Must see!

The road we take is an option we make daily. This is both literal and metaphorical. In both literal and metaphoric sense, traffic jams are not uncommon. Will you choose to be carried away by anger or will you dance your frustrations away and have a merry day?

For many pet experts, feeding dogs in one bowl is not advisable for several reasons but the top reason is the high possibility that the dogs will turn aggressive and instead of having a nurturing moment, they might be hurting each other during the meal. But for this 2-year-old Pomeranian, named Yoll, and this one year old poodle, named Tang, this fear of aggressive behavior being triggered is far from reality. There are times that they growl at each other as seen in the video but in general, the meal was peaceful. Anyone will not fail to notice that one will voluntarily allow the other to take his or her turn.

Animal behavior is an interesting field of study. We are often caught in awe with some animals that portray a particular behavior that we may not have expected. If you have been caring for dogs, you could have noted that dogs are usually hesitant to share their meal with another dog even to their siblings or best friends. Thus, if you own dogs that share meals without an aggressive physical fight, you are as lucky as the owners of Yoll and Tang. Perhaps, you must be sharing how you have encouraged such behavior in your pets.

Some pet specialists though discourage feeding dogs in the same bowl even if they can share politely just like these adorable dogs in the video. One reason for this is that the owner may not be able to monitor which dog is eating less than what is necessary and which one is eating more than the others. In addition, it may cause malnourishment to the dog that has a passive behavior – one who may be timid and does not assert his turn in eating his meal. The opposite effect may be encountered for a pet with dominant and assertive behavior which may, as a result, lead to over nourishment.

Despite the foregoing discussion, it cannot also be discredited that feeding pets in one bowl may encourage some good behavior such as deeper friendship, nurturing the value of sharing, discouraging fights and other desirable behaviors. There would be no better judge for which is a better option after weighing the expected results than the owner himself or herself. Someone who is a responsible owner of pets would understand the uniqueness of his or her own pet which allows better judgment.

Summing it up, should you or would you allow your dogs to feed in the same bowl? You are entitled to your own best judgment. Meanwhile, enjoy the video of Yoll and Tang as they heartily share their meal. They remind us to share our blessings with people we encounter in this life. In this very competitive world that we live in, we yearn to compete for fame and resources without realizing that we can make the most of the resources around us is we share – just like Yoll and Tang.

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