Puppy Asked To Leave Bathtub Throws Temper Tantrum

Published July 30, 2018 53,308 Views $94.17 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are one of the famous pets that are raised by a lot of people all over the world. Who says dogs are only raised by adults out there? These days, dog masters that you can find all throughout the globe become younger and younger. Gone were the days that only adults can own pet dogs. You can surely see even teens and young children already have their own pet dogs. This is the main reason why dogs are branded to be "man's best friend".

Here, you can see this cute dog who is having a good time in his master's bath tub. Even so, the amazing moment suddenly stops when his master arrives and tells him to stay away from the bathtub. This poor, cute pet dog cannot do anything but follow the order of his master even though he still wants to stay and has some relaxing moments in the tub. This goes to show that this pet dog is smart and obedient enough to obey the order of his master.

If you are one those people out there who are thinking that raising a pet dog is just a piece of cake, then think again. Yes, millions or even billions of people all over the world have their own pet dogs, but this does not mean that raising them will be very easy for anyone out there. Just in case you do not know, raising a cute pet dog entails a number of responsibilities. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of individuals out there who compare raising pet dogs to raising children. You have to be responsible enough as their master or parent.

Just like having a baby at home, you need to provide all the necessary things that a pet dog needs. One essential example is the shelter of your dog. Yes, you heard it right! Dogs also need shelters where they can protect themselves from danger such as bad weather conditions, diseases, and even people who are cruel enough to hurt pet dogs. If you cannot provide a good shelter for your amazing pet dog, then you might want to reconsider not getting and raising your own dog.

Second thing that your pet dog needs is food. Yes, dogs also need to eat in order for them to survive. If you cannot feed them in a daily basis, then you do not have the right to own and raise a pet dog. If you also do not have enough finances, then this is something that is not for you. Bear in mind that food, medicines, dog clothes and a lot more will require you to have a good amount of money.

Here, you can also see how this cute dog follows what his master tells him. In other words, training your pet dog to become loyal and responsible is very important. After all, you cannot call yourself an effective and responsible dog master if you cannot even make your own pet dog follow your orders.

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