A Tot Girl Throws A Sparkler Onto Her Dad

Published July 30, 2018 91 Plays

Rumble If someone knows how to put on a show with a funny twist is the kids! They are simply the best at it! All they need is to act natural, and the chances are something hilarious will come out of it! I mean, just check out this video and see it for yourself! Besides, it’s so cute and funny that you wouldn’t want to miss it in any case! This video shows an adorable tot girl who is having lots of fun with her family and her aunty outside. They are all sitting in their backyard and enjoying a nice and quiet afternoon. The girl wants to show her aunt what she can do with a sparkler. She takes one and asks her mom to light it up. Then she starts to spin it for her aunt, but accidentally throws it straight onto her dad, and almost sets him on fire! LOL!