Mom surprises daughter with shocking birthday gift

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesElsa gave birth to a baby girl which she named Amanda. Jump ahead 23 years, Amanda meets her future Australian husband Craig in Vancouver, British Columbia and relocates to Melbourne. Ahead a few more years to October 2017, the whole family is devastated when Elsa is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Amanda the eldest daughter lives over 8,000 miles away. Christmas 2017 brings Amanda and Craig back to Vancouver to spend time with family, allowing Amanda to support her mom through some initial chemotherapy treatments, doctor appointments and multiple blood work trips to the hospital. But like all good things, they come to an end and Amanda must return to her life in Australia, a very difficult departure.

Elsa endured more chemo treatments, major surgery in February 2018, and recovery. Being she is very strong willed, Elsa slowly regains her strength and health with support from her daughter Sarah and husband Brent. As you know, the mental battle is as tough or tougher than the physical battle. Elsa has pulled through both, she is a trooper. Come April 2018 and plans to meet on a vacation in November fall apart, Amanda is very upset. Knowing this is tearing Amanda apart, Brent and Elsa start making plans for her and Sarah to surprise Amanda at her home in Australia.

With the help of Craig, Amanda has no idea that she will soon receive the birthday gift of a lifetime. Departure day from Vancouver comes soon enough, and away go Elsa and Sarah. Sixteen hours in the air, non stop. The ladies await for Amanda to arrive home from errands as she had scheduled the day off work. Soon enough the door opened at their home, Craig greets his wife with a "Hi honey, your gift arrived", as Amanda had been awaiting the arrival of a "gift" from her mom. Watch and enjoy this extra special birthday surprise!