Impressive Lion Enjoys Autumn Breeze

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeWhy is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness.

Although many people have been advocating an approach to nature based on its intelligibility, we are far from tying down the giant that is nature with our minds. Emerson writes that the perception of the inexhaustibility of nature is an immortal youth. Although we shall continue to try to uncover nature’s secrets, let us also continue to take pleasure in our immediate encounter with it. Let us continue to be awe-struck, like the child on the seashore, or clambering up a tree. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after us.

There is no real boundary in nature. A river might slash through the land, but there is always a source and there is always a way to get around that source. One region blends into the other and harmoniously transitions one ecosystem into the next.

There are many types of symbiotic relationships in nature. Organisms either live in a mutualism where both entities benefit from the relationship, a commensalism - where one organism reaps the benefits of living with the other, although the second isn’t harmed or helped, and parasitism, where one entity drains the resources of the other one, threatening its existence.

The ecosystems are truly complex, they are functioning harmoniously, just like the human body. Each part and each living being inside communicates with the other to make their home the best it will ever be and make sure that the residents are always happy. But sometimes an ecosystem isn’t strong enough to endure the constant attack of another ecosystem or another entity, so how does it persist. The truth is - it doesn’t.

Unfortunately in the everlasting war between humans and wilderness, humans are becoming bittersweetly victorious. We are in a rush to save what’s left of this planet after pollution and human greed continue to devastate the Earth. The first entities on the fence line are the wild animals, even the most fierce of predators like the lion. Luckily there are people that work night and day to save them and the GG Lions sanctuary is one of them.

The footage is taken on March 14, 2017 in Harrismith, South Africa and this is what the licensor had to say."GG Lions is a non profit lion sanctuary in South Africa. We have 70 plus magnificent lions here. Our mission is to love, protect and preserve them. The lion in this video, King Daniel, is a seven year old male lion who has a particularly regal face and amazing mane!"

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