Loyal Dog Helps Paralyzed Owner Push His Wheelchair

Published July 28, 2018 5,258 Views $5.35 earned

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsA helping hand is always welcome, or should we say a helping paw in this case? Watch this cute clever dog going on a casual stroll with his owner, and even helping him push the wheelchair. Man's best friend is on display in its purest form as a dog loyally follows its owner in this inspirational clip. Good doggy!

This heartwarming footage shows how the powerful bond between dogs and owners as dogs tend to be very loyal and show unconditional love and care towards their loved humans. Reportedly, Danilo Alarcon, 46, of Davao, Philippines, gets around the city streets with the help from his dog Digong. Watch as the seven-months-old canine pushes his paralyzed owner’s wheelchair with his nose. What a loving pooch!

Passerby Faith Revilla captured one of Alarcon’s walks with Digong in this adorable clip. Shocked by the unusual encounter, filmmaker couldn’t believe their eyes and thought that such emotional scenes only happen in TV shows. Alarcon has been paralyzed since a motorcycle accident several years ago and his best friend Digong has been helping the man ever since!

Revilla decided to film the obedient dog in the act of helping owner with his wheelchair as it is a kind gesture of dog’s loyalty and shows how big their hearts are. We bet this dog is helping Alarcon around the household as much as it is helping him on the streets.

Maybe this dog-owner didn’t teach his dog to assist with the pushing of wheelchair and running errands for him, but the obedient four-legged friend picked it up all by himself. He lends a helping hand when it comes to carrying bags from the supermarket, that’s for sure.

Talking about dogs running owners’ errands, an adorable video has emerged of a hardworking dog helping owner do the laundry. The obedient pooch is seen loading the washing machine with dirty clothes. Baron is one helpful dog! Watch as he gets to work and helps owner load clothing into the washing machine. Amazing!

Footage shows the pooch standing on its hind legs next to the washing machine and using his mouth to pick up dirty laundry from the basket and drop it inside the washing machine. Baron repeats this process several times until he empties the basket and fully loads the washing machine. It will sure come in handy having such obedient pooch around the household! Cuteness overload!

Further proving that dogs are man's best friend, this clever canine knows exactly how to lend a helping hand to owner. Watch him happily load the washing machine with dirty laundry! It is not often that we see our pets helping doing human chores or clean around the household. If you liked this video, you should take a look at another helpful pooch who likes to mop the living room floor just for fun! After watching these talented dogs performing household chores, we wish we also had a pooch that would voluntarily help around the house!

Unlike these pooches who would gladly help owners around, there are some dogs who cannot stand being around the strange-looking objects in the house. Take for example these two massive dogs who are afraid of the washing machine! Too funny!

Usually folks like to ask their own kids for help around the house, because it is important to be an equal member of the union that is a family. Sometimes the kids will do any chore just to have it over with, while other times they will not only gladly accept the request, they will even offer themselves as assistance. But if you have not seen a canine companion offer a helpful paw to their owners, then this is your chance!

Does anyone need groceries for the week? This cute little dog loves helping with the groceries and with the bags! Amazing little helper!