I Share My Bedroom With A 16ft Python | BEAST BUDDIES

Published July 27, 2018 3,553 Views

Rumble An animal lover has turned her small London flat into a secluded paradise for her collection of snakes, including a 16 foot Burmese python. Zee, 21, who is training to be a veterinary nurse, first saw a snake at six-years-old and has been obsessed with them ever since. At 14-years-old, she split the price of her first snake with her brother before bringing it home to her mum, who quickly had to get used to the idea of living in a mini reptile house. Now the animal lover has collected 16 snakes, including her majestic Burmese python, who likes to slither around the hallways to relax, a boa constrictor, royal python and a blood python.

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