Husband Gifts Wife With A Golden Retriever Puppy For Christmas

Published July 26, 2018 8,888,683 Views $36.69 earned

Who does not love Christmas? The joy of giving to others makes the long and tedious search for Christmas presents worthwhile. Obviously we can not forget the excitement of receiving a nice surprise gift. For this young couple Christmas came early as the young man decided to surprise his wife with an early present. She walked into the room on the phone with her mom and looked in shock as she saw a big box sitting on the floor of their living room. She immediately told her mom she would have to call her back as she already had an idea as to what the gift could be.

The woman asked her husband if it was a puppy and you could just tell they’ve been having this discussion for a while or she had already voiced her opinion that she had wanted to have a puppy. The husband when asked, said she had to open it to find out. You can hear the excitement in her voice as she begins to undo the bow that held the box together. As viewers waiting for her to open the box and seeing her struggle with the bow made the wait even better. The pressure was building up as we waited for her to finally open the box and see the little puppy.

As she finally opens up the box we see the little golden retriever puppy and the woman immediately begins to cry. Such a heartwarming video! Seeing her pick up the young male puppy was such a joyous moment. We’re sure everyone can relate to this moment of receiving a surprise and being brought to tears or at least close to. She asks her husband whether the dog is a boy or girl while she cries and holds the puppy. The husband responds that it is a boy as he gladly giggles in excitement over his wife’s happiness. For all pet lovers out there watching the video, do not worry, the husband says the box was not sealed and it had an air slot as well. He also did not cover it till he knew his wife was home so the puppy was in no danger waiting in his box waiting to be opened by his new owner.

This video is the epitome of Christmas time and brings up all memories we have had about Christmas and the holidays and I am sure it will have a similar impact on all the viewers. The face of pure excitement on her face when she hangs up with her mother and she already knows it is a puppy but still gets so excited and cries when she sees him after opening the box is so heartwarming. The golden retriever even has a nice bow on him as well! This video will surely make anyone smile, and even more so if you are a pet lover. The little golden retriever is so cute and fluffy! This is what the holidays are all about, loving one another and giving back to the ones you love to show your appreciation from them. The wife already feels so much love for her new puppy.

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