Kids Can’t Figure Out How Rotary Phone Works

Published July 25, 2018 245 Plays $0.39 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdA funny video has emerged of children trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone that their dad brought to them for that special occasion. Anyone of you who had the opportunity to use this kind of phone, know the drill: you pick up the dialer, you dial the number and wait for the person from the other side of the line to answer. It sounds simple but not for children who are growing up in the digital age. Millennials may already be natural at maneuvering the mysterious inner-workings of smartphones - but when given a more old school piece of technology, things might get a little confusing. The mere thought of not knowing how to work with the phone, sends us in fits of giggle. The idea of filming these kids struggling to successfully dial a rotary phone is genius and beyond hilarious.

"This video was recorded by the father to the children in the video. He had brought home an old rotary phone and thought it would be funny to see if the kids knew how to use it. The children are attempting to figure out how to work the phone and it is not working. At the end of the video that you can hear one of the kids say “You have to pick it up”. - says the uploader of the video.

The children can be seen repeatedly trying to dial a phone number, only to pick up the phone from the cradle, hear the dial tone, hang up, and try again. Their dad and we, too, simply can’t contain ourlaughter. The children are so persistent that not even once did it spring to their minds to pull out their smartphones and google the whole process of how the phone works, neither did they think about the idea that they could simply call the rotary phone from their smartphones. When all you have ever known is touchscreens and smartphones, a rotary dial phone might as well be from the Moon.

These teen siblings stare at the foreign device while on of them attempts to dial a number. No matter how hard they try, this group of clueless kids just can’t crack how this mysterious device works. They are shown staring at the foreign device while one attempts to properly dial a number. When the teen boy wearing the green shirt couldn't seem to figure out how to dial a number properly, his brother makes an attempt to take on the challenge. Their sister in the back is seen trying to assist - telling her brother: 'I know how to do it, I know how to do it!’. The frustrated teen is then seen throwing the phone on the table before walking off as his sister picks it up for a final failed attempt. At the end of the video, we can hear some of the boys making a smart conclusion that you have to pick up the phone first and then hit the dialer. Finally the code is broken!