Man Captures Possible Sighting Of UFO Over Sea In Croatia

Published July 25, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesThis is one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” videos where a mysterious silver object appears to emerge suddenly from the sea, soaring high into the air, before disappearing back under the water.

Captured on a beautiful, sunny day, the clear blue waters of the ocean look serenely calm. The only sound you can hear is the gently lapping of the water on the rocky shore. On first viewing, it does not look like there is anything unusual happening in this scene at all. The man in the blue shirt emerging from the corner of the shrub appears to be the only subject on the screen. However, if you continue to watch the video, you will probably notice something unusual happening in the background.

The three second mark is approximately the place where you will notice something different. In the background towards the left of the screen, you will see a small silver object suddenly comes leaping high into the air, before quickly diving back under the water. When played back at normal speed, it is difficult to tell exactly what it could be. Due to the size of the object and the resolution of the video, it is not clear whether the mystery object is natural or mechanical in nature.

At the ten second mark, there is a slow motion, close up of the aforementioned object emerging from the water. Even at this speed and size, it is still not clear what this mysterious object is. It appears to be too fast and large to be a fish, but too small to be a machine. It is unfortunate that the resolution of the video is low, as this limits the amount of details being offered.

It is highly likely that the mysterious object made very little noise as the previously mentioned man in the blue shirt, does not seem to have noticed its presence. From the moment that it suddenly blasts out of the water, to the moment it crashes back down with a splash, the man does not seem to have been aware of the presence of the mystery object at all. If it had been an aircraft of some kind, surely the sound of its engines propelling it out of the water, would have aroused the attention of anyone nearby.

It could also be sea creature, such as a whale breaching as it comes to the surface of the water to breathe. This seems like the most likely explanation as this is a common sight and normal behavior for many animals such as whales and dolphins. The object does seem to leap abnormally high into the air however, which is why it may appear to be something out of this world. Perhaps it could be a sea creature that has been thrown into the air by another; an unfortunate victim of a hunter killer roaming the seas. This would explain its unnatural movement, and speed as it soars through the air and crash.