Adorable Boxer Dog Loves His Green Crocs

Published July 25, 2018 11 Views

Rumble All dogs are totally amazing and funny creatures, but some of them go even further than that! Just like a pup in this video! He is both so cute and silly at the same time that you really have to check it out! LOL! This video shows an adorable boxer dog who loves his green crocs and is not afraid to show it! When his lady owner asks him to bring her the bright green crocs, he can't help but put them on himself and strut over to her in style! It looks like this adorable pup will take any opportunity to wear his favorite pair of shoes! He puts his front legs in it, a paw in each, and starts walking towards the camera! OMG! Can you believe that?! Just look how adorable he looks in these Crocs and how skillful he walks in them. I always thought that dogs hate when they have to walk in any kind of shoes on their paws, but I guess I was wrong! LOL!

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