Man Frees Chipmunk Who Got Stuck In Bird Feeder

Published July 24, 2018 412 Views $1.14 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA funny video has emerged of the moment a chipmunk was rescued from a bird feeder. It is not clear whether this chipmunk ate all the seeds meant for birds and got stuck or it was just a mere accident. But having in mind that chipmunks are greedy little creatures, it would be the former. The video, shot on July 19, Michigan, USA shows the rescuer helping the animal get out of the bird feeder. The chipmunk has gotten himself into a little pickle and we wonder, as the man in the video wonders, how on earth he got in there. Poor little guy. After getting jammed in the wire mesh of the container, the little creature can’t find a way to free himself out of the “trap”. He definitely needs human help and it’s great that the good Samaritan helped him out.

The owner of the bird feeder explains: "I was out on the deck when my wife asked me to go out to the bird bath garden and get the dead chipmunk out of that silver bird feeder, then throw it away. I carefully went into her garden, grab the feeder off the tree, then carefully retreat from the jungle. I carried it over to my truck to perform the extraction, only to find out Alvin is not dead, he was just really stuck! It scared the crap outta me when he popped his head out the other side! I performed the extraction with the courage and determination I've seen utilized by emergency personnel using the jaws of life. My tools were a set of T and B crimpers, a medium size pair of adjustable dogs and a screwdriver. Needless to say, that bird feeder is no longer functional and Alvin is gonna cut another album, probably in the 'Blues' genre. Alvin was eventually freed, unharmed and happy to be out."

The adorably tiny critter craves lots of alone time and can hold a ridiculous amount of food in his cheeks. We can only guess what was the reason he got trapped in the feeder. As he helplessly tries to fight his way out, we can only feel compassionate with him. It is as funny as much as it is sad. But with such good people willing to do their best just to help others, we are certain that the chipmunk will get out safe and sound. For sure, he is cute as can be with his enchanting big eyes, bushy tail, striped back and chubby cheeks. You’ve probably seen these mini rodents darting about your yard or nearby woodlands. Or you know them from Hollywood. Walt Disney introduced his animated chipmunk duo, Chip and Dale, in 1943, and 15 years later Ross Bagdasarian Sr. captured America’s heart with three chipmunk brothers - Alvin, Theodore and Simon - singing their musical hit “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late).”

Despite their reputation for cuddly camaraderie in cartoons, real chipmunks don’t bear much resemblance to their big-screen counterparts. In fact, they’re mostly solitary creatures - at least until breeding season arrives.