Funny Squirrel Befriends With A Bernese Mountain Dog

Published July 24, 2018 21 Views

Rumble As a real funny videos’ fan, I have really seen so many funny videos of the animals who unexpectedly became friends, but the one we have here is one of the funniest of all! It’s so incredibly cute and funny that you simply have to check it out! This video shows two adorable animals who look more like cartoon characters than real life pets, and they are an absolute must see! So, please, meet a squirrel, named Wally, and his best buddy, a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog named Jax! These two are not only the best of friends but also roommates who love spending time together playing all sorts of games, but their favorite one is hiding nuts in the dense fur of the Bernese Mountain dog! OMG, you have to see this for yourself! These two are totally the most adorable example of an unlikely friendship I have ever seen, and I just love them!