Small puppy hungry for food

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSmall puppy hungry for food they are looking for food outside.
One day i was outside of my cook house I have seen 10 puppy they were hungry ,I thought i must give something to eat for them . when I have given some food to eat they were very happy. many street dogs are rooming here & there I know some time they get food sometime they don't get food. If you just give your love to any dog or puppy then they will become your best friends believe me this is fact. Some people ignore street dogs they feel that dog will follow you when you love somebody he or she will love you same as with dogs and other animals If you give biscuits or anything to dog, Dog will say thank you very much to you & god will bless you it's not animals those who are hungry you just provide something for them, God will help you more. I love animals I hope you also love animals. love everyone they will also love you very much, Helping nature is one of the good work in the life for everyone I day I was alone on highway road I was having some money with me when some dogs came to me & I have given some food & they help me to catch bus on highway, from my heart I say thank you god to helping me on highway. really it's work when you help someone god will help you. i hope you understand me & my story it is real story with me. that is why I said this word to you that those who needs anything whether it is food or anything If you have just help them to get good reward from the god.