Rescue Cow And Dog Become Immediate Best Friends

5 years ago

There is nothing better than watching animal friends play together, especially when it is a pair of unlikely friends. We have seen thousands of adorable examples, and today, we have another precious example. You absolutely have to check out this adorable video of an unlikely friendship. It is too cute for words.

After being rescued at an auction, Bucket the cow instantly took to Colton the rescue Bulldog and the two have had an indivisible friendship ever since. Next came Bailey, another rescued cow, and the 3 have become the very best of friends. Their friendship inspired the owner to live out a dream and start Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, hoping to save many pets in need just like Colton, Bucket, and Bailey!

Owner of the shelter house described them as “the best of friends" and this video perfectly captured that special relationship as the two huddled up close to engage in some mutual grooming.

Together, they are enjoying a beautiful sunny day outside. They are playing on the grass and having a blast. I have no clue how this adorable friendship happened, but I do not want it to stop. Ever. And I do not have a doubt in my mind they will continue their unlikely friendship for a long, long time.

It is said Dogs are man's best friend but every day they prove that their heart is big enough for everyone! It does not matter if it is another dog, a human, a chicken or a cow. They have enough love for all! Precious.

Animals are so unpredictably adorable, and this video proves that perfectly! The most amazing things can happen in the animal kingdom and that is why we love animals so much! Imagine all the play dates they will have in the future.

Few things seem to capture the public imagination more reliably than friendly interactions between different species. A goat frolics with a baby rhinoceros. A pig nestles up to a house cat. A dwarf hamster makes nice with rat snake the originally intended as its meal. Videos of unlikely pet’s pairs snuggling or romping have become so common that they are piquing the attention of some bioscientists, who say they invite more practical research.

Amongst other components, the communities could add to an understanding of how different species interact, what propels some pets to correlate across species lines and the degree to which some pets can utilize the responses of other species.

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