Superfan's dream comes true with Ghostrider's Lamborghini supercar

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Rumble / Full Throttle CarsGhostrider is a mysterious philanthropic figure in the car scene. He keeps his face hidden behind a mask and his identity is cloaked in secrecy. His anonymity allows him to work through his car to make dreams come true for deserving people. Whether they have faced challenges, shown impressive perseverance despite adversity, or they have shown remarkable character, Ghostrider finds opportunities to put a smile on their face with an experience they will not soon forget.

Patty is one of Ghostrider's biggest fans, and for a very good reason. She is a promising athlete with a talent for soccer. A recent knee injury set her back and she needed a specialized knee brace to help in her recovery. The cost was daunting and one of her friends began setting up a gofundme to help with costs. Ghostrider found her story on Instgram and went to her house in one of his supercars to personally look after the entire cost of the brace. Her recovery and her spirits got a much needed boost. Such an act of generosity from a complete stranger left Patty with an unforgettable feeling of support, as well as gratitude.

Patty is also a car enthusiast, having restored her brother’s vintage 1967 Mustang. She brought this car to the Strada car show in Vaghan. It's the largest car show in Ontario and the parking lot is filled with muscle cars and exotic machines. She was thrilled to see her hero, Ghostrider in front of his brand new Lamborghini. Barely warmed up after leaving the showroom, this car was only a few days old. Imagine her surprise and her delight when he handed Patty the keys and invited her to sit inside and rev the engine.

The crowd gathered around, curious about what made Patty special enough for such a privilege. The fact is that Ghostrider is also very impressed with Patty and her drive to succeed and overcome her injury and the challenges that she faced.

Patty is hilarious with her comments about the car and her experience. She snaps pictures and video and uploads them to social media as she enjoys her time in the car. She calls her friends and tells them to hurry over and join her. Some of her school mates found her in the driver's seat and showed extreme surprise to find "Paatty from school" in a Lambo.

Patty describes her happiness in a way that will leave you laughing and also happy for her. She is truly living the dream, as we can see from her obvious joy. Reluctantly, she gets out, gives back the keys and gives Ghostrider a big hug.

Ghostrider regularly posts his adventures and experiences on social media. You can follow him on Instagram (@ghostriderto), Rumble (Ghostriderto), YouTube (ghostriderto), and Twitter (#ghostriderto).

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