Occupants bail out of supercar as it catches on fire at charity event

Published July 20, 2018 1,800 Plays $1.37 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsA Toronto based car club, The North Face Rally decided to turn their attendance at the Strada car show into a charity fundraiser. They regularly use their cars and their notoriety to accomplish good things in their community, so it was no surprise when they came up with this idea. They lined up their cars on a closed track beside the car show and invited attendees to hop in with trained drivers for the ride of their lives in exchange for a donation to charity.

But something happened at the event that nobody bargained for. A Nissan GTR, one of the fastest street cars you're likely to see, became overheated from the repeated acceleration and caught on fire. This video shows the moments leading up to the fire from the interior dash camera. We can hear the crowd yelling that the car was on fire and we see the driver and the passenger bail out in a hurry. Everybody clears away from the car, anticipating that things will quickly become unsafe. Another camera happened to be pointing at the line of cars as they returned and it shows the early stages of the fire as the car is surrounded by smoke. We also see a masked figure running with a fire extinguisher while the crowd watches helplessly.

The masked man is Ghostrider. He is a legend in the car scene and a member of the North Face Rally. He sprays the car down and puts out the flames before they get out of control and endanger people, as well as destroy an expensive machine.

Ghostrider keeps his identity anonymous and his face hidden behind a bandana. Everybody knows his car, a lime green Lamborghini, although he has several supercars. Everybody also knows his reputation as serious car enthusiast.

What they don't know so much about is that this philanthropist does a lot of anonymous charity work, finding ways to make dreams come true for deserving people. He sees the good in people and finds a way to do good things for them.

The North Face Rally generously gave their time for almost three hours as people lined up for a ride that they could not ever experience elsewhere. They got into the cars and they were pinned to their seats as the cars rocketed down the track for a brief, but unforgettable burst of acceleration that is far greater than that of a commercial jet airliner. This event was the first of its kind and it raised more than $1,000 for Copes for Cancer/Pedal for Hope. This is one of the biggest pediatric fundraisers in Canada for the Canadian Cancer Society. And on top of funding research, they gave hundreds of people a dream come true.