You Are Never Too Old To Have Fun On A Merry Go Round

Published July 20, 2018 6 Views

Rumble There's one this I can absolutely promise you about this video - It's HILARIOUS! And it will definitely brighten your day. These lovely senior ladies decided to have a fun girls day out, and they're definitely making the best of it. They went out for some ice cream, and a lovely walk. After a while, they decided to have some fun on a merry go round. And this is not a classical merry go round. They've noticed a merry go round in front of a store which is operated by a coin. The three of them sat down, inserted the coin and their hilarious ride began. They seem so happy, and I can't help but laugh at this hilarious situation. They're going in circles, and laughing out loud! What a fantastic trio! I really can't stop laughing, and I'm sure you won't be able to stop either. And don't be surprised if you catch yourself replaying it all day long. LOL!

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