Cool Nail Style Fully Inspired By Marie Curie

Published July 20, 2018 19 Views

Rumble / Beauty & FashionIt has been more than a century since the woman began to be seen beyond her beauty and surmise of the home. This is thanks to an incredible woman who gave rise to the global change of thoughts towards women in society.

Marie Curie broke schemes in science and in society, thanks to her scientific discoveries. Her numerous researches led her to win two Nobel prizes in less than 10 years in two different disciplines (physics and chemistry). Being the first woman to achieve such a feat.

The woman is a symbol of intelligence, beauty, and strength. That is why in this video we pay tribute to Marie Curie, a persevering woman who left a mark on humanity and its history. With his effort to get what he wanted, his great love for science and research in the field of radioactivity.

This video is a tribute to Marie Curie, the design is inspired by science. Highlight the beauty of the hands with an original design of very colorful molecules. The theme used in this model of nails is quite striking and unique, acrylic paints give that bright and colorful touch ideal to combine it on any occasion and in any colorof clothing and accessories.

Dare to wear a different style on your nails with this great design inspired by Marie Curie, your nails will be the center of all eyes between your friends and acquaintances.

Those girls who are also science enthusiasts and who have as much perseverance as Marie Curie will love this nail design. Although Marie Curie was not known for being very effeminate and fashionable, those times were different and the woman was not as taken into account as now. We are in the XXI century where women can express themselves freely in the area they want, have the same rights as men while remaining women. This look is inspired by you capable women changing the world, women who give life and above all women who do not give up.

Marie Curie left to humanity two great discoveries, the polonium and the radio, which undoubtedly took a huge step in the science that until then was known. Another of his studies was the possibility of using radioactivity in medicine to save lives, which revolutionized medicine into what it is today.

The multiple researches and the legacy that Marie Curie left in the field of physics and chemistry rest her life, when she finally died at age 66 due to leukemia, apparently derived from the high radiation for which she was exposed so many years, in order to be able to verify what his theories sought to understand.

Marie Curie was an inspiring and determined woman, her achievements left indelible marks that will always prevail in history. Marie Curie is worthy of tributes of all kinds, in this case, a beautiful decoration of nails that we hope will enchant you as much as I do.

"We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."

Marie Curie.r.