Adorable Cat Grooms A Dog

Published July 19, 2018 782 Plays

Rumble There are all sorts of unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom, but my favorite is the one between dogs and cats! I know that’s such classic, but every time a see a video with a cat and a dog who live together in harmony as the best friends in the world, my heart melts! I mean, just take a look at this video here, and tell me don’t you feel the same?! It shows two adorable four-legged sweeties, a beautiful orange kitten cat and her best buddy, a gorgeous pup, enjoying their time of leisure. They are sharing together their favorite spot in a house and watching some TV. Actually, the dog is watching a TV shows while the cat is grooming him! Well, isn’t that simply adorable?! If that isn’t a hear melting scene, I really don’t know what is! So, if you are both a dog and cat person, this video is the absolute “must see!”