A Baby Girl Pretends To Sleep When Her Mom Turns The Vacuum

Published July 19, 2018 329 Plays

Rumble Kids are absolutely brilliant! Every time I get to think that I’ve seen all of their creativity and wittiness, a video like this one shows up and a kid amazes me again with something totally unexpected and original! This clip shows an adorable baby girl who pretends to sleep when her mom turns the vacuum cleaner on. LOL! This lovely little girl is sitting on a floor with her older brother, having fun. Their mom takes the vacuum and says that she wants to show up what happens every time when she turns on the vacuum. Her son runs away from the noise, but the little girl automatically lies down and pretends that she sleeps! OMG, can you believe that?! As soon as her mom turns it off, she gets back up, but when she hears the vacuum sound again, she gets back on the floor and does her act again! LOL!