Adorable Golden Retrievers Afraid By T-Rex Blanket Challenge

Published July 19, 2018 195 Views $47.49 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFrom time to time there are various kinds of challenges that are becoming popular all over the world. Just remember the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" when people poured themselves with a bucket of ice water, or the "Mannequin Challenge", where a group of people needed to freeze in one position. Of course, all of these feats should be filmed and shared because they can definitely make your day!

Typically, these appearing and disappearing trends do not carry any deeper meaning, but sometimes Internet users come up with something really sweet. And now there is a new challenge on the world wide web called "What The Fluff". Its essence is very simple: the owners of animals (mostly dogs) should cover themselves with a blanket, place their pet in front of them, and then throw the blanket high above their heads while managing to hide quickly around the corner of the room. The reaction of the pet is mostly puzzled about how their owner evaporated into thin air. The entire process and what transpires should be filmed and posted on the Internet. There is nothing quite like the look of astonishment and marvel that comes across your cat or dog's face when you manage to show them something new about the world. They gaze at you like you are the cleverest being on earth and they cannot wait for what comes afterward. And that is actually the identical expression they have when you play a trick on them.

The “What The Fluff Challenge” became one of the main Internet phenomena of June, and is still gaining momentum on social media generally under the hashtag #WhatTheFluff. The video at the top of the page is one in the multitudes of videos you can search on the Internet that shows a disappearing magic trick played on a dog. Same but not the same: there is a little twist. Watch!

Usually, when we announce these twists, they are expected as a strange reaction or a non-reaction done by the animal that is being pranked on. However, some owners, wanting to spice up the challenge and surprise their pets even further, change the rules a bit. These lovely Texans from Victoria, decided instead of disappearing, to appear dressed in a full T-Rex suit.

This is what the owner explains: “I was going to do the trending blanket challenge to pets that was trending, but instead of disappearing, I felt it would bring more humor to appear as a T-Rex and surprise Bentley and Bailey. Both dogs are full-blooded Golden Retrievers.”

Can you guess what happens next? Of course! Everybody is shaking with fear before the mighty T-Rex! These two adorable Golden Retrievers are running in the same spot they look as if they were taken straight from a cartoon. So funny!

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